Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Lake Ohrid

2007     brd

In close collaboration with colleagues from Kiel (Sebastian Krastel / Geomar) and Bremen (Tilmann Krastel / Marum), a first seismic survey using a Mini GI gun was carried out at Lake Ohrid. The results of this survey indicated that in the central part of the basin is filled with ca. 680 m sediments, which are likely undisturbed. From the northeastern part of the lake, a ca. 15 m long sediment core was recovered using an UWITEC piston corer and platform. This technique was also used to recover a ca. 10 m long sediment sequence from sister lake Prespa, ca. 10 km to the east of Lake Ohrid. The study of the record from Lake Prespa should help to better understand the interaction between the two lakes and their hydrological linking.


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